Stage 1

In 1961/2, before the Society commenced work, part of the area on the east side of the A5 road was stripped by the gravel company. All evidence was removed except for the well bottoms and about 6.5m of the large defensive ditch. The remaining areas were carefully excavated in advance of the gravel workings, with the cooperation of the gravel company. The investigations revealed the complicated levels of occupation. There were cobbled areas, post holes, stone footings, beam slots, troughs, hearths, enclosure ditches, three wells and a burial area. One well produced a milestone and a Roman shoe.

The evidence obtained from this dig points to a settlement of the first, second, third and fourth centuries AD, extending approximately 100 metres deep for 680 metres along the road and constructed entirely of timber buildings. These excavations were described in the first interim report, published in Transactions number 83 1969, of Birmingham Archaeological Society.

 Stage 2

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